Esport - PUBG New State

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Esport - PUBG New State - MIT-WPU SUMMIT 2023


  • • Any university/college team can have a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 7 players for each game.

  • • There are no gender restrictions for the team

  • • All participants must have Discord installed on their devices and ensure that the camera and microphone are working

  • • Devices will NOT be provided and participants will be responsible for it

  • • All other MIT-WPU SUMMIT general rules are applicable

  • • Participants will be shortly informed about whether or not to attend the event offline

  • • Rulebooks with detailed guidelines will be provided to participating teams

  • • Only 1 team per E-Sport from each college/Private University will be allowed to register and it is advised for the participating colleges/Private Universities to make separate teams for each E-Sport as matches may overlap

  • • The E-Sports committee bears all the rights and can take necessary steps for investigation if required

  • • Non-compliance may result in the disqualification of the team

  • • Format and dates of the events are subject to the number of participants and will be conveyed prior to the event

  • • Ringing is strictly prohibited. Direct Disqualification

  • • Each Team's Roster must consist of 6 players

  • • Every team should be in their own provided slots 15 mins prior to the game

  • • At least 3 players are required to play the particular match

  • • Every player has to record their POV and instantly send it to admins whenever asked to do so. Failure in providing POV will lead to Disqualification

  • • Every IGL should upload a screenshot of the results page on discord showing the position and number of kills with the team name and match number after the elimination of their team. If failed then points of that match will not be recorded

  • • Only registered players can play from their particular team and Each player will play only from their own registered account

  • • Any type of illegal activity or hacking by any player will lead to disqualification

  • • Every player should have downloaded all the given maps

  • • Any type of absurd behavior with admins will lead to disqualification

  • • Always show integrity while playing in the tournament any kind of inappropriate behavior will lead to disqualification

  • • Teaming up is prohibited and will also lead to strict action